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mist blower

Hardi Mistblowers

The Hardi sprayers offer a wide variety of fans and turbine possibilities in order to provide optimum air generation and to adapt the mistblower to your specific crop and working conditions.

The quality and volume of the generated airflow improve the overall performance of the equipment, enabling the treatment at a higher forward speed while obtaining a superior penetration and efficiency of the application.

lift mount

Hardi Lift Mount

Demands for a simple and reliable solution, serviceability and capacity are universal worldwide. All Hardi lift mounted sprayers are designed so that the weight is close to the tractor, and the center of gravity is low. The pumps are mounted on the rear frame of the chassis, providing easy service access, and the PTO is not widely angled when the sprayer is lifted up.

hardi trailed

Hardi Trailed

Farming practices are constantly changing. Farmers are met with a daily challenge to improve capacity and reduce operating cost. To help you meet this challenge Hardi has developed a wide variety of trailed sprayers.

The Hardi trailed sprayers are designed to meet the demands of the modern professional farmer worldwide. This generation of sprayers is designed to lead the way in capacity, reliability and ease of operation. All Hardi trailed sprayers are designed for continuous use by demanding operators.

self propelled sprayer

Hardi Self Propelled Sprayers

The new Saritor and Presidio mark Hardi’s entrance into the self-propelled sprayer market in the U.S. and Canada. The 1,100- and 1,300-gallon Saritor comes with 90- to 132-foot Terra Force booms, which use a hydraulic dampened parallelogram suspension system to absorb forces from movement in the field. The DynamicFluid4 fluid system uses four sensors to monitor pump rpm, valve position, flow at boom, and pressure at boom valves to adjust to changes proactively.

The 700-gallon Presidio, at 16,000 pounds empty, offers the features Hardi trailer sprayers are known for in a lightweight, self-propelled package. It comes with a 173-hp, six-cylinder Deutz engine; a four-pillar cab for operator comfort; and an Eagle boom ranging from 75 to 90 feet. The boom is sup-ported by a hydraulic paralift for boom height control and stability. Coil spring suspension on the boom and air bag suspension on the Presidio contribute to a smooth ride.